God says...

Welcome to my dumpster

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This page basically serves no purpose and is still under construction. I'll probably forget to update it and let it rot away like all my other projects until neocities inevitably closes due to not bringing enough profit and all the effort spent on making this dumpster fire goes to waste along with everyone else's sites. But hey, maybe some idiot data hoarder with too much time on their hands will archive every neocities site before server closure so that nostalgia-driven individuals from the future can download the archive and reminisce on how crap and unmemorable late 2010s internet used to be and how 50% of neocities sites are cheap ripoffs of geocities content, effectively immortalizing this page until the file upload service shuts down and every medium it's stored on rots away or gets mechanically damaged. Which I guess means it won't really be immortalized, but rather preserved temporarily for as long as a backup of the data is kept on some storage medium.